How to Find the Best kitchen and Bathroom Designer in Los Angeles

The time has come and you and your partner have decided to remodel your home, specifically the kitchen and bathrooms. In this case, the budget for the project is specific and does not allow any wiggle room. This means you need a designer that understands building requirements and space planning to bring such ideas to fruition at an affordable cost. Having a licensed contractor with years of experience would fulfill the criteria in finding what you need.

Kitchen designers should have a creative intuition for detail. They should also understand color schemes, textures and composition when determining what is complimentary to the the actual intended revised space. The space is the composition much like a canvas, however, the 3 dimensional aspect of it doesn't just include linear feet but cubic feet as well. Generally darker colors and elaborate patterns work better in larger spaces. This doesn't mean they can't be used as accents to compliment or tie in a design in a smaller space.

Choosing lighter colored flooring to compliment your furniture can expand the perceived size of any room and can open the space right up. Alternatively, installing floor boards that run parallel to the longest wall in the room, can very well make a room appear larger than it is. 

A good designer has experience in cabinetry and the types of cabinets can that will ultimately fit your budget while achieving your desired aesthetics.

See Yvonne Landivar's video on Cabinet Types!


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