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The Difference Between Reface Versus New Cabinets

As a home owner who has thought about possibly giving your kitchen or bath a face lift, or a change that may not be as intense as brand new cabinets and an entire re-haul of your kitchen or bath you may have come across a term called “Refacing” I want to explain exactly what this means, and also let you know why this may be the correct choice only in very particular situations.   Refacing is the term used for removing all the cabinet doors, rawer fronts, hinges and drawer glides, and replacing with new one’s,   the drawer boxes, glides and hinges would also get replaced.   Most reface projects can be done within a week, as long as materials are ordered well in advance, this is a good option when the counter top will be maintained, and when the overall layout won’t be changed. If you as the homeowner start to tweak, modify, or add to the existing footprint, and also decide that you actually want a new counter top. The cost difference between keeping the old cabinet boxes, versus getting

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